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Glover's Ice Cream
Family-owned and operated since 1925!


      Glover's Ice Cream was founded in 1925 by Foster Glover, making it the fifth ice cream manufacturing business in Frankfort. Glover's is now one of a very few ice cream manufacturers left in Indiana. How times have changed! The company started with six flavors: vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, raspberry and strawberry ripples, and orange-pineapple. In early days, fresh strawberries were stemmed and sliced by hand to be added to the Glover's ice cream. When butter pecan was first added to the inventory, the pecans had to be cooked in butter in kettles on the stove, cooled, and then added to the ice cream. Ice cream mix was received in ten-gallon milk cans, not in bulk trucks as is today. After the ice cream was produced, it was filled into five-gallon milk containers, and packed in dry ice for delivery by truck. Ice cream novelties, such as molded seasonal designs and cake rolls were made by hand.

      In 1971, Foster Glover died. The business was handed over to his son, Robert, better known as Bob. Automation and refrigeration changed some of the techniques, but attention to high quality products and excellent service remained the same. Bob greatly increased the sales territory to include much of central Indiana. During this time, Glover's Ice Cream specialized in wholesale distribution to restaurants, hotels, but also many small "Ma and Pa" stores. Bob's wife, Virginia, was an integral part of the business handling all the bookwork by hand. And Bob's sister, Blanche, worked for many years in production in the plant.

      The third generation carried the business on as Bob's son, Stephen, stepped in as President upon Bob's retirement in 1991. Like his father, Steve grew up working summers in the family business. His two sons, Keith and Brett have continued this summer work tradition, and his wife, Kathy has worked many years in production. The family passion for making ice cream continues today, as Steve continues to increase the sales territory to include schools and universities, such as Purdue, Taylor, and Anderson Universities. The school trade is especially helpful during the winter season when ice cream sales slows down. In 2001, Glover's Ice Cream was contracted by Purdue University to develop a premium, high milk-fat, ice cream, known as Pappy's Ice Cream. This popular, rich ice cream can be purchased by students and the public in the basement of the Purdue Memorial Building in Pappy's Sweet Shop.

      Glover's Ice Cream currently produces ice cream, sherbet, frozen yogurt, dietetic ice cream, and malt base. They also carry a line of novelties, including wellness novelties. Seasonal favorites such as pumpkin, cinnamon, and peppermint continue to be very popular. Steve has added several innovative new flavors, including cake batter, death by chocolate, and caramel cappuccino to entice any appetite. From humble beginnings, this three generation family business now produces around fifty different flavors, and continues to provide the same special service to customers.

Foster Glover out on a delivery